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Ugh. Sick again. :(

Sick today. Achy joints and stuffed sinuses. Not fun. Oh well. Got a big post I'm working on, stay tuned.

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11:59 a.m. - 2008-05-13


So, Life Just Handed Me A Bunch Of Lemons...

9 years and 2 months.

That's how long I worked at the best job I've ever had. Friendly co-workers, fun & relaxed atmosphere, very casual, but always professional. But at 6pm, April 30th, it all came to an end. Not with a bang, but with a sigh. 9 years and 2 months. Just amazing.

We knew for months that there were problems, but the real downward spiral happened in December, when the owner discovered the financial disaster. With a best friend and business partner fired, he tried to piece together just how bad the situation really was. I had a feeling back then that I was going to need to find a new job. I started looking around, testing the waters so-to-speak. Hell, I even wrote my first resumé in...well..16 years.

The owner did what he could, but in the end, he exhausted all his options, and it was unavoidable. At the end of April, my job, and the jobs of my 2 co-workers would be eliminated. We would close the storefront and sell off the repair business. He did his best. I can't begrudge him that.

So I've been without a job since last Thursday. Thankfully, my financial situation is better now than it has been for some time. With the rebate check coming from the IRS (actually, direct deposited this week I believe), Ebay sales and some other windfalls, I should be in good shape for a couple months, maybe even 4 months if I'm extremely careful with my spending. My only worry is the lack of Health Insurance. It expired with my job. It's not a comfortable feeling, but hopefully, with hard work and some luck, I'll find a job that will pick up very nicely. I'm definitely feeling the urge to move, and I'll take a position that brings with it challenges, and a change of scenery.

So other than that, what's been going on? Well, quite simply, I'm catching up on some projects that have been neglected for some time. I have time for them now, so I may as well get to them. Who knows when I can do them after I get another job?

Oddly enough, since I've become unemployed, I've been BUSIER! How does that work!? I guess I'll take it all in stride. There's a great job out there that I will find soon with hard work and research. Maybe, it will even allow me to finish college and get a degree in teaching English as a Second Language...my dream job. :)

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11:30 p.m. - 2008-05-05


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